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“At the turn of the century, the general public was being introduced to the unlimited promise of technology and biosciences – Smart phones were prolific and Russian researchers successfully cloned the first human embryo. Google, king of search engines, dominated the net. Cable network news channels were well-oiled, corporate squawk boxes. And people everywhere were tuned in and turned on 24-7; smarter, but somehow less informed. It was during this period, that an unsuspecting and innocently young couple from Vermont decided to take a leap into the unknown.

Their journey to another destination takes them on a ride they will soon never forget. Their decision will determine the fate of their lives and their unborn child…

Steady drops of rain pierced the cobblestone roads and ceramic rooftops in the dead of night. There, in a secluded breezeway, Josie sat; trembling with spine gripping chills.

Burning embers rumbled in the back of her thoughts. Just then, the rain began to pour. She was shivering cold – still riling in shock. She heard footsteps, slow, then faster. She didn’t want to run, didn’t want to fight. She didn’t care anymore. Now hoping for death, she was afraid to look up to see what was coming. In fear and horror, she buried her head between her knees, holding her legs tightly against her body. Knowing her time was now.

She didn’t want to hear or see who it was. The footsteps kept coming, closer. Almost too close. Then the footsteps stopped, trailing off to a sudden thud beside her. Too terrified to open her eyes, she clenched her mother’s crucifix near her heart.” – From the Novel, “Deception” by C. Bailey-Lloyd — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

DECEPTIONA Novel by C. Bailey-Lloyd 

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About CarolAnn

I'm a freelance writer and author. I write poetry, dabble in art, and love animals -- especially dogs.

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